Can I still claim under my Private Health Fund for Clinical Pilates and exercise sessions at Embody Movement?

With the Natural Therapies Private Health Reforms taking place from April 1st 2019, many of our clients and members of the public have been confused as to whether they will be covered under their Private Health for our group therapies (including Clinical Pilates).


While these changes have restricted people from claiming for therapies such as Pilates and Yoga, our sessions will not be affected. Our clients will be able to continue to claim under the Group Physiotherapy Code 560, as we run our sessions differently to general Studio Pilates or Reformer Pilates businesses.


Our classes are developed as a form of Physiotherapy treatment; with each participant completing exercises specifically for them, based on their goals, injury or pain, and level of function.


Our sessions are run by experienced Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists, that understand the nature of your injury/pain or condition, and can modify exercises based on your needs at every single session. We utilise Pilates to address movement imbalances that may be causing you pain or lack of function, and address your goals specifically- progressing you at your pace.


Our classes are:

·      Individualised each and every session based on your goals and needs. We undertake an initial assessment prior to clients commencing Pilates with us.

·      Small in size, allowing for individualised attention to detail.

·      Progressed at your pace, allowing you to improve without causing injury or pain. We monitor your goals and current level of function continually.

·      Taught by experienced Health Professionals who understand injury and can modify exercises for ANYONE at ANY LEVEL.

·      Recorded thoroughly, allowing every teacher at Embody to understand your needs.


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