Which Pilates class is right for me?


Embody Movement offers a range of different Pilates class types catering for beginners to more advanced participants. The beauty of equipment Pilates is that the machines allow each exercise to be modified for an individual. We can modify the spring resistance or position of each client so that the exercises are comfortable- allowing you to strengthen your body without placing strain on it. All classes are held at our Currimundi Studio.

Clinical Pilates

Our Clinical Pilates classes offer a program that suits the needs and goals of every individual. Exercises are tailored for each person and our qualified Pilates instructors can modify exercises and the equipment used as required.

We will likely recommend the Clinical Pilates classes for anyone recovering from injury or surgery, people who have suffered or are recovering from chronic pain and anyone with a low level of core strength and/or fitness.

Because these sessions are individualised for each client, and taught by highly qualified Practitioners, we can cater for all individuals - from people who cannot lie down on the floor to exercise, or cannot kneel, to anyone wanting to improve their performance for a specific sport.

Circuit Pilates

Circuit Pilates is a great all-round strength-building and conditioning class. Attendees move through a varied circuit of exercises using the Pilates equipment. Our practitioners are on hand to ensure the exercises are carried out correctly and to offer guidance on posture and alignment.

These classes are an affordable way to get the benefit of Equipment Pilates: to build core strength and improve movement for people who don’t require modifications due to injury.

Seniors Strength & Fitness

Our Seniors Strength and Fitness Classes are designed for seniors wanting to improve their balance and function. Gentle resistance and strength building exercises help to enhance cardiovascular health, develop strength and prevent injuries.

Choosing the right class

Beginners: Clinical Pilates or Circuit Pilates

Recovering from injury: Clinical Pilates

Increase strength and improve movement: Clinical Pilates, Circuit Pilates or Seniors Strength and Fitness

Advanced practitioners: Clinical Pilates or Circuit Pilates

Seniors: Seniors Strength and Fitness

Embody Movement offers a complimentary initial assessment to help ensure you attend a class that suits your needs. Once the assessment is completed, we can book you into a class time that works for you, depending on availability. Please call us on 0401 263 516 to book your assessment.